NPerf v0.1

It’s published !
My next project is online on codeplex. Actually in a very beta stage…but with some nice features !
  • Office style window and dynamic theme change
  • Ribbon usage
  • Project management
  • Assembly parsing
  • Help

Comming soon ! NPerf

I started a new project which will be published on codeplex next month !
It’s a performance injection software. It can be used to get performance traces back from the execution of any NET assemblies. It is completely written in C# under the NET/WPF platform.
a preview of NPerf
See you soon !

WPF Book Reader…New version !

The new version is much better !!!

  • Use the latest version of SevenZipSharp, Include my compilation into the solution
  • Improve the generation of the covers (tested up to 400 books)
  • Removed all possible exceptions of v2, this is very stable
  • Add the following functionnalities :
    • Zoom with slider or Left Ctrl + Wheel
    • Loop with Left Shift, Mouse move and Full Screen mode
    • Load a book external to the current catalog path
    • Change the toolbar

  • From the toolbar, you get Load, Full Screen, Refresh catalog, Options, Quit, About, Cache information, Page Name
  • Scroll Pages : Arrows or Wheel
  • Zoom : Left Ctrl + Wheel
  • Move Pages : Left mouse button(in case of big zoom)
  • Magnifying glass : Left Shift + Wheel (in full screen mode only)
  • Read, Bookmark, Goto Bookmark, Clear Bookmark : context menu on catalog or pages