WaitSpin, ProgressPanel and threads…


With my project CBR on CodePlex, I had to work on the new Task Parallel
Library to be compared with old classical threads. This leads me on infinite progress bar control and a non-blocking or intrusive progress UI.

To share my work, you will find below:

  • How to write a WaitSpin control and create several designs in Expression Designer…
  • Create a custom ItemsControl to be a sliding panel with multi-progress cancelable items…
  • Multi-Threading : Threads, Taks and Background worker…


Screenshot: “Demonstration app – Threads and sliding panel”

Screenshot: “Demonstration app – WaitSpin designs”

Collection with events

NET 4 and WPF brings us the new ObservableCollection that fire events for collection changes and contained objects property changes…but when you don’t need the “MVVM way” and bindings…it’s too much.  As it is contained in the system.dll, we can continue to use actions and event from it.

With ILSpy, I extract the code from this class to make a NotifyCollection just for the use of the items collection events. It can be used in any window service or class library. The code is below and the file is attached. NotifyCollection. Rename docx to zip. Continue reading “Collection with events”