Windows 8/RT : folder and file access

In a previous article, I described a helper to grant secure access to files and folders.

Take care that having a grant to a folder give rights to use the StorageFolder object, not the StorageFile in it.

If you store file path in that folder, you will have to get a secure access to each of them !

In CBR.RT, I have a function to create books from a folder…and I do the mistake…and in the case below AddFolderAccess must be replaced by AddFileAccess !

async public Task AddAllBook(CatalogViewModel vmCatalog, StorageFolder folder)
            IsDirty = true;

            IReadOnlyList<StorageFile> files = await folder.GetFilesAsync();
            foreach (StorageFile file in files)
                await AddSingleBook(vmCatalog, file);



Windows Store – Certification mistakes

To not fail with certification, don’t forget these steps :

  1. If your app require some capabilities like internet or network, don’t forget to submit it in the publish form under Declaration/Policy ==> url to your public policy. sample for CBR
  2. Don’t forget to include a link to this policy into you settings/charms
  3. Do not include any “app closing” action (button or whatever) or just for debug purposes. Hide it in release !
  4. Provide the files needed to test the application : CBR was refused because I do not provide any comics !

I got all theses…and get the certification after 4 submit !

  1. If you submit several languages, provides localized images as well
  2. Do not modify images you provide with some editors to change or hide something

this was the lesson of the second submit.

CBR on Windows Store

Submit process for CBR.WinRT was a nightmare…and I will publish a list of my certification errors later.

But for now it is available here !


First version is very simple and contains :

  • manage catalogs,
  • recents files,
  • support cbr/rar and cbz/zip,
  • add file/folders,
  • remove items,
  • and some of the win8UI…like FilePicker and Search

Do not hesitate to try it, buy it and make suggestions.