CBR 1.1 on Windows Store

WindowsStore_tile_green_small_40x40 C.B.R : Comic Book Reader

CBR 1.1 is under certification and will be published soon. It takes all the reviews into account and add more features :
Support for FR, DE
Goto page
Offline mode
Bookmark and automatic restore
Double-tap for page change
Zoom on pinch and stretch gestures
Adjust Width/Height
“Recursive” folder parsing

And a lot of internal improvements…Note that I had lot of trouble reading the files, discovering the covers….but now CBR must be capable of reading 99% of your books or it means you owns very special formats…

Thanks to all for downloading and your reviews.

Advise : CBR 1.1 internal data format is not compatible with previous version. Please, UNINSTALL before downloading.


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