ComIko update


A new version is under certification. It brings :

  • An improved parsing and refresh function.
  • A delete catalog command – take care there is no warning popup, but it moves in the system trash
  • PDF is now supported !

Good reading…


Bonjour à tous,

Une nouvelle version est en cours de certification. Cela apporte :

  • Une fonction améliorée d’analyse et de rafraîchissement.
  • Une commande de suppression de catalogue – attention, il n’y a pas de popup d’avertissement, mais il se déplace dans la corbeille du système
  • PDF est maintenant supporté!

Bonne lecture….

UWP : New C.B.R.

Hi all,

I am writing a new version of C.B.R for Universal Windows Platform. I start from the ground with a MS sample Lunch scheduler ( and hope this new version will be available under 2 or 3 months…

I will write a few articles about trouble i have with my solutions like customize the title bar and the full screen mode because it is quite hard to find help and tips about this new platform.

Improvments : I will do it like “Groove” : give a folder, and CBR will create catalogs and books for you. No more need to create everything by hand

Screenshots to come

C.B.R. – How to make Visual Studio like tabs

In advance to the release of CBR version 0.7, we will have a look on how to make a single row tab control for multi-document display. CBR is having a home/start page, can display comics or epub books and also edit them.

First of all, a big tip for the developer who want to extend any WPF control : Use Blend and the “Edit Template” function. This will extract an easy and readable Xaml from any existing control.

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