CBR 1.3 Released on the store

Finally, this version is out there. I hope it will solve most of the trouble users have encountered.

Mostly it brings internal rss reading and the synchronization with CBR for Desktop. An official version has not been released yet, but I hope comes shortly.

See you soon.


CBR Releases

I hope being able to publish the 2 new version very soon, but desktop is nearly ok and RT version is having 4 errors in the AppCertToolkit that I need to correct before publishing to the store. The big changes are the library management in the desktop and the synchronize function on WinRT.

See you soon online!

CBR Reviews

Hi to all. I am writing this new post to exchange with users posting reviews about CBR for Windows 8. As the developer dashboard and Windows Store are very limited …Feel free to reply…

Bonjour à tous. Je vous écris ce nouveau post afin d’échanger avec les utilisateurs publiant des avis sur CBR pour Windows 8. Comme le tableau de bord développeur et le Windows Store sont très limités … N’hésitez pas à répondre …

  • App crashes and would not open cbr/cbz

Was on the first release, must be better now. Remember that it does not support multi-volume comics. Convert them with the desktop version.

  • Excellent lecteur pour les bd … tr?s content … simple, rapide et efficace …

Et bien j’en suis ravi !

  • Ne marche pas avec tous les fichiers et ne permet pas de zoomer

Le zoom est corrigé. Il se peut aussi que certains fichiers posent problème. La prochaine version devrait améliorer encore la compatibilité.

  • 4 important things I Like about this App: 1) Supports all my .cbr files 2) Has Zoom Capability 3) Has catalog which allows you to create a folder and organize your comic books in each folder 4) It has book marks so you will know what page you stopped. Two thumbs up to the developer

Thanks to you, i will try to continue that way

  • L’application ne fonctionne pas sur ma tablette Asus, avec Windows RT

Aie ! Que ce passe t-il ?

  • Grosse latence entre certaines pages, parfois ca marche très bien parfois pas du tout… l’icône en forme de livre pour les répertoires est très l’aide et ne peux être changer…. j’ai acheté cette application pour rien…. a quand une mise à jour??

Pour ce qui est des latences, je ne vois pas…quant à l’icône, j’y pense…mais pas pour la prochaine version qui arrive bientôt – j’ai un autre projet personnel qui m’accapare beaucoup en ce moment…Personne ne vous a forcé à acheter cette appli, elle est dispo en période d’essai !!!

See you soon for more reviews.

A bientôt pour plus de commentaires.

CBR 1.1 on Windows Store

WindowsStore_tile_green_small_40x40 C.B.R : Comic Book Reader

CBR 1.1 is under certification and will be published soon. It takes all the reviews into account and add more features :
Support for FR, DE
Goto page
Offline mode
Bookmark and automatic restore
Double-tap for page change
Zoom on pinch and stretch gestures
Adjust Width/Height
“Recursive” folder parsing

And a lot of internal improvements…Note that I had lot of trouble reading the files, discovering the covers….but now CBR must be capable of reading 99% of your books or it means you owns very special formats…

Thanks to all for downloading and your reviews.

Advise : CBR 1.1 internal data format is not compatible with previous version. Please, UNINSTALL before downloading.

Windows 8/RT : folder and file access

In a previous article, I described a helper to grant secure access to files and folders.

Take care that having a grant to a folder give rights to use the StorageFolder object, not the StorageFile in it.

If you store file path in that folder, you will have to get a secure access to each of them !

In CBR.RT, I have a function to create books from a folder…and I do the mistake…and in the case below AddFolderAccess must be replaced by AddFileAccess !

async public Task AddAllBook(CatalogViewModel vmCatalog, StorageFolder folder)
            IsDirty = true;

            IReadOnlyList<StorageFile> files = await folder.GetFilesAsync();
            foreach (StorageFile file in files)
                await AddSingleBook(vmCatalog, file);


Windows Store – Certification mistakes

To not fail with certification, don’t forget these steps :

  1. If your app require some capabilities like internet or network, don’t forget to submit it in the publish form under Declaration/Policy ==> url to your public policy. sample for CBR
  2. Don’t forget to include a link to this policy into you settings/charms
  3. Do not include any “app closing” action (button or whatever) or just for debug purposes. Hide it in release !
  4. Provide the files needed to test the application : CBR was refused because I do not provide any comics !

I got all theses…and get the certification after 4 submit !

  1. If you submit several languages, provides localized images as well
  2. Do not modify images you provide with some editors to change or hide something

this was the lesson of the second submit.